YenChopper 2.0 is an advanced automated trading algorithm for Euro versus USD currency pair (EURJPY) made by Cristian Păuna. It uses artificial intelligence to identify investment opportunities on the market. The program is included in theServer software package. Anyone can use this software through Algorithm Invest company.
YenChopper 2.0 uses several particular entry strategies based on the real-time price action. The software makes long trades in the direction of the main trend. The profit target is variable, in direct correlation with the market volatility. The algorithm functionality is improved every day by a real-time machine learning process.
YenChopper 2.0 is part of the automated capital investment system theServer. A dynamic capital allocation methodology is used in order to manage the capital exposure. A real time process server distributes the capital between a significant number of trading algorithms to improve the capital efficiency. The trading fragmentation methodology is used to reduce the current capital exposure.
More details about the used data mining methods can be found here.
Real trading results obtained for the last months can be found here.
More details about the used trading algorithms can be asked here.
YenChopper 2.0 approval backtests report data can be seen here.

Equity: EURJPY
Minimal capital: 100k
Maximal spread: 2 pips
Minimal exposure: 1%
Price action: razor
Profit: variable target
Trade direction: buy
Entry: 5 algorithms
Exits: 4 algorithms
Capital: Dynamic allocation
Exposure: Global Stop Loss
RRR: 1:2.86 in 12 months
Longest trade: 199 hours
Rhythm: 1 trade/2 days
Release date: 01.01.2019
New versiona: 24.10.2019
Last update: 24.010.2019
Copyright: Cristian Păuna
Licence: theServer

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